20 Hunt Package 20% Off


A great way to save money and secure your spot in the blind!

This is for 20 hunts, can be used all in one day with 20 people or how ever you see fit.

Must be paid in full prior to use.  You can call to set up payment by check to save the 4%

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A great way to save money and secure your spot in the blind!  You can use your hunts for any person at any time.  Great group savings!


Our club features heated above ground and buried pits which can comfortably accommodate up to five goose hunters and their gear. We also go mobile and hunt the hot fields out of spacious layout blinds. Hunt over some of the finest goose and duck decoys available. Your hunt will be with a professional goose guide that will make every effort to assure your success in the field.


We have found the most successful way to harvest ducks and geese is with a 12 gauge shotgun chambered either 3 or 3 1/2" or 10 gauge chambered 3 1/2". Of course we have several clients that use a 16 or 20 gauge and given the right conditions with decoying birds, it can be effective as well with proper shot size. Recommended shot size is #4, #2 and BB for ducks. For geese we recommend BB or BBB if using steel shot or #2 or BB in bismuth or Tungsten. Keep in mind that all waterfowl ammunition must be non-toxic. Absolutely NO LEAD SHOT for waterfowl. Please call if you have any questions or an older firearm that you may have difficultly in obtaining proper ammunition for. If you have any question regarding your firearm or its ability to handle steel or non-toxic shot, please consult with a local gunsmith you trust for an evaluation. 

In addition we suggest you wear waterproof boots and waterproof outer wear (Camo preferred as ducks and geese do see color). Even though the majority of our hunts are from heated and buried pits we may have to walk to the pits in inclement weather. For those that enjoy being a bit more mobile, we also hunt out of spacious layout blinds as well. We want your hunt to be enjoyable but we cannot control the weather. You should dress appropriately or have addition clothing and be prepared for changing weather conditions (layering of clothing works best). We also highly suggest a small duffel (camo preferred) bag to organize your shells, gloves, etc. In addition, we prefer you bring a soft gun case as they are more readily stored in the pits and layout blinds. Please no bright colored clothing such as hunter orange caps, gloves, coats, etc. for waterfowl hunting! Licensing information can be found at our link to the IDNR for both resident and non-resident hunters.

 What to bring (Checklist on page also)

(FULL PAYMENT REQUIRED:   This is for 20 person/day hunt.  4% added to cover credit card fees if used.  This is for your hunt and guide fee.  No guide tip is included.  You can Call to set-up check  payment for this to save the 4%)


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